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Name:Hermione Granger
Birthdate:Sep 19
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
One of the brightest witches of her year, Hermione Jean Granger attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

She is the only daughter of muggles Mr and Mrs Granger (no names are provided), who both work as dentists. Hermione has bushy brown hair, bright brown eyes, and once had rather large front teeth (which are now a much more normal size after a certain incident). She is a true Gryffindor in bravery, courage and cleverness and is an extremely hard-working, determined individual, always eager to help her friends out. However, in her efforts to be helpful, she can sometimes be a bit bossy, and can come across as being quite a bit of a know-it-all.

Her best friends are Harry Potter and Ron Weasley and she would pretty much do anything for them - except their homework. That is something they must simply do on their own, otherwise how else will they learn?

Hermione is an academic. She enjoys learning, and it goes without saying that she is very good at it. She is generally the top in all of her classes, much to some of her peers chagrin.

She is also the victim of many a bad fanfic, some in which she is the Sue herself, and others in which she is the victim of an angry Sue. (She has no idea about any of this.)

Wand: Vine, 10¾", dragon heartstring, later: Walnut, 12¾", dragon heartstring
Affiliations: SPEW, DA, and the Slug Club, Head Librarian at Milliways' Magical Library

Disclaimer: I am not Hermione Granger (obviously), and I do not own any rights to her or Harry Potter in general. She belongs to the wonderful JK Rowling. I am merely playing her for happy fun-time games in places like [info]milliways_bar and [info]mixed_muses.

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